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September 2018

“You don’t know very much about Nepal, do you?”

Back of a Bike: Patan to Lazimpat

Patan After Dark Pt. 1

Nomad No More

A “Brief” History of the Kathmandu Valley

New Bike Day

October 2018

Serendipitous Serenity

The True Meaning of Bureaucracy

Planning Post: Mardi Himal Trek

Day 1: The Climb to Australian Camp

Day 2: Canopy Fever

Day 3: Past the Tree Line

Day 4: The Teahouse Halfway to the Top of the World

Visiting the Site of a Massacre

November 2018

Joe Cam: The Daily Commute

Lost in Ason Spice Market

Second First Impressions

Sunset at the Monkey Temple

Abandoning Expectations

Meeting Kathmandu’s Finest

Australian Thanksgiving + The Hunt for Pumpkins

Patan After Dark Pt. 2

December 2018

Buying a Scooter in Kathmandu as a Foreigner

Road Tripping Through the Hills

Where No Scooter Has Gone Before

Streets of Kathmandu Pt. 1

Full Moon Celebration at Boudhanath

“That’s Christmas in Kathmandu, man.”

A Chance to Reflect

January 2019

Streets of Kathmandu Pt. 2

Getting My Nepali Visa…Again

Indian Wedding

February 2019

Untold Stories: That Time I Told a Government Official He Was Getting Scammed

New Week, New Apartment

March 2019

Moshing With Babas and Cows on Shivaratri at the Temple of Doom

Slapped By Hundreds of Strangers on Holi

Visa Week: China + Nepal

April 2019

Planning Post: Langtang “Circuit” Trek

Days 1-5: Arrival in Langtang + The Ascent to Kyanjin Gomba

Day 6: Snowstorms and Avalanches on a Failed Summit Attempt Above Kyanjin Gomba

May 2019

Days 7-12: Traversing Snowfalls to Gosaikunda Pass + The Return to Kathmandu

Post-Trek Recommendations

Selling the Scooter: A Three-Part Saga

So Long Kathmandu